Ms. Zannin is fantastic.  She is prompt in responding, always available, full of knowledge, and went out of her way to answer all questions and provide additional resources. Plus, she's not dry and boring. I've worked with a lot of experts over the years and she is, by far, the best I've used.  I won't hesitate to call on her again and have no problems referring her to any lawyer that asks.

Kellie Duckering Missouri State Public Defender

Carthage, Missouri

Anita was eminently available, eminently knowledgeable, and eminently professional in providing expert opinion evidence and testimony regarding blood spatter. She tells it like it is, and can be relied upon to give you an objective assessment of the evidence confronting your client.

Ben Prichard Criminal Defense Attorney

Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

I have had the privilege of working with Anita on an academic and professional level. As my professor, she pushed me to be an ambitious and successful student. I started an internship with Anita which continued to raise my proficiency of bloodstain pattern analysis and forensic science. I was inspired to work for Anita because of her integrity, commitment and excitement she brought to her field. I had the tremendous opportunity to work with Anita on multiple cases and she conducted each investigation with the utmost respect for both the client and science involved. Anita is extremely knowledgeable and continues to bring new innovation to all fields of forensic science. I also completed several courses taught by Anita’s associates, Dave, Jesse and Matt. I learned a tremendous amount in every course and was able to get hands on experience in the field and laboratory. Each professor has their own passion for forensic science and is dedicated to providing their students with the most current information and techniques of their field.

Krystyna Rotella Student, Intern, Teaching Assistant and Madison County Deputy Sheriff

Syracuse, NY

Anita gave a terrific presentation for the Technology Alliance of Central New York's lecture series. Her passion for and commitment to her field of expertise spoke volumes, especially to the students who attended. I have always been grateful for my association with Anita, as we are both Women TIES members. It is because of professionals like Anita that we can offer exciting programs to the technology community!

Monica D. Johns, MBA, PMP, President & CEO Clarity Management Consulting Inc.

Syracuse, NY

Anita's talents are wonderful and go beyond her skill as a forensic scientist. She is a forensic analyst who is also able to help assess the strengths and weaknesses of cases, she is capable of assisting in drafting questions to ask experts and generally she is a tremendous asset to counsel in almost any civil or criminal case that has a forensic / scientific component.

Leo Adler Criminal Defense Attorney

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Anita,
…It was truly a delight to call you at the last minute and be able to obtain your valuable input. I believe your analysis was crucial in obtaining a not guilty verdict for Mr.              . Your conscientiousness, courteousness and professionalism were apparent throughout all of our dealings and to the jury during your testimony. …If I have a need for a stain spatter expert in the future, I will not hesitate to contact you. I appreciate getting your name from a colleague and will highly recommend you in the future.

Leonard D. Harden, Esquire Criminal Defense Attorney

Lancaster, New Hampshire

…I was immediately impressed with her skills, knowledge, teaching ability and interpersonal skills. Throughout the week, Ms. Zannin conducted lab experiments and lectured on several cases she had worked. I thought Ms. Zannin was not only one of the most intelligent individuals I had ever met, she was in addition, extremely helpful, gracious and personable. It was a pleasure learning from her. After 19 years as a police officer, and assigned to the Crime Scene Unit as Detective/Sergeant, I do not say that lightly. 

Subsequently, I had the opportunity to observe Ms. Zannin work a very difficult case in my area. I watched and observed her work product and was genuinely amazed at her level of detail, her meticulous documentation and the incredibly well written final report. She possesses some of the finest writing skills I have ever had the opportunity to read. I say all of this with absolutely no embellishment…

Sergeant Lezah Kratz Crime Scene Unit

Fort Worth PD, Texas

Ms Zannin was available twenty four seven with sound advice and great insight - one could not ask for more.

Harry C. Batchelder, Jr., Esquire Criminal Defense Attorney

New York, New York

… I have been impressed with not only her ability, but her commitment and drive. I came to know her through her work on a case she took on pro bono. She did so because she was convinced a tremendous injustice had been done. She has put in countless hours of her time, as well as her own resources in trying to ensure justice is done for this individual. That is a character trait you rarely find; the desire to ensure the right thing is done.

She is knowledgeable in her field, and I found her to have a firm grasp of the current research and literature. Not only does she have the knowledge, she knows how to use it. In the case we are working on she has evaluated the evidence from every perspective, and brought new approaches that I don't believe many others would have.

… I would recommend her to anyone who wants a quality expert that will assist you in evaluating and understanding the evidence, as well as becoming a member of the trial team.

Walter Reaves, Jr., Esquire Criminal Appeals Attorney

Waco, Texas