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  • Case and or technical review
  • Evidence examination
  • Crime scene response audit
  • Laboratory procedures audit
  • Photography
  • Report of findings
  • Expert testimony
  • On scene evaluation and evidence collection (where applicable)
  • Professional education (lectures seminars, workshops, etc.) Contact us today to book a speaker or educational event!

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

  • Presumptive testing
  • Chemical enhancement
  • Scene reconstruction
  • Death investigation review
  • Veterinary forensics (as related to BPA)


  • Latent Print Comparisons
  • Latent Print Processing
  • Collecting Exemplar impressions (Living and Post-mortem)
  • Digital Imaging
  • ASCLD Consulting for accreditation needs
  • Latent Print Testimony and Legal Issues


  • Firearms
  • Operability testing
    • Is the firearm and ammunition capable of working?
    • Has the weapon been altered to fire as a full auto?
    • Altered BBL and overall lengths
    • make and model identification, suppressors, "assault weapon" features
  • Malfunction testing
    • Is the firearm operating as the manufacture intended? (Note: this is destructive testing)
  • Firearms Identification/Microscopic Comparisons (determining how many firearms fired the ammunition components or if a given firearm fired the bullets or cartridge cases)
  • Gun Shot Residue-muzzle to target distance determination shooting reconstruction (examination of residues and powder patterns to determine distance muzzle was from target)
  • Serial number restoration (chemical and magnetic methods to restore obliterated numbers)
  • Ballistics (projectiles in flight)
  • Firearm safety
  • Wildlife/hunting and officer involved shootings

AZ Forensic Associates may become involved at various points in the legal process. If involved at the beginning, on site analysis, evidence collection, photographic documentation of the scene and evidence can be provided.

If you find that you are in need of an expert later in the process, or if you have a cold case, cases may also be evaluated by examining photographs of the scene and autopsy reports (autopsy, crime lab, EMS/first responder, police, etc.), hospital records and statements. If in the appellate process, transcripts will need to be reviewed as well. Please contact us to discuss your specific case.

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