Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS)

The Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR)

The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC)

American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD)

The New York Division of the IAI (NYIAI)

Reddy's Forensic Page (general information)

American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)

International Association for Identification (IAI)

International Veterinary Forensic Sciences Association (IVFSA)


Forensic Body – Andre Anyon, forensic sculptor

Creation of custom bodies for reconstructions

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA)

Scientific Working Group on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN)

bloodunderpaint (PDF)

bluestar false positives 2008 study (PDF)

BSPA (Luminol effect on DNA) (PDF)

Luminol Article (Gimeno and Rini) (PDF)


The Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE)


The Fingerprint Society

Complete Latent Print Examination (CLPEX)

Free pdf download of the Fingerprint Sourcebook published by NIJ

Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study, and Technology (SWGFAST)

ACE-V for Latent Print Examiners (PDF)

Is it a Latent or a Patent? (PDF)

A Compariaitive Study on the Development of Blood Impressions (PDF)

Validation Study of the Recovery of a DNA Profile Following Traditional latent Print Processing Techniques (PDF)

Forensic Biology

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-Short Tandem Repeat DNA Internet DataBase

Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods

Analytical Thresholds and Sensitivity (PDF)

Characterization of the Standard and Recommended CODIS Markers (PDF)


Estimating the number of contributors to two three and four person mixtures containing DNA in high template and low template amounts (PDF)

Estimating the Number of Contributors to (PDF)

Forensic trace DNA a review (PDF)

Improved forensic DNA analysis through the use of (PDF)

Mixture Interpretation Defining the Relevant Features for Guidelines for the Assessment of Mixed DNA Profiles in Forensic Casework (PDF)

Population Data on the Thirteen CODIS Core (PDF)

SWGDAM Validation Guidelines APPROVED Dec 2012 (PDF)