Crime Scene and Homicide Investigation course at Francisco Marroquin School of Law, Guatemela Trip

A man returns to his home with his wife at approximately 4 am. From some bushes in the entrance garden another man comes out, face covered and pistol in hand, to assault them.


Ex-pastor Arthur “A.B.” Schirmer Murder Trial

The prosecution says Arthur Schirmer murdered both his wives, but defense expert witnesses testified Thursday that the women’s fatal injuries were inconsistent with being hit on the head.


Defense experts: Deaths of Arthur Schirmer’s wives were not homicides

A forensic pathologist testified today in Monroe County Court that the deaths of Arthur Schirmer’s wives were not homicides. Schirmer, 64, is on trial in Monroe County Court for the July 15, 2008, death of his second wife Betty Jean Schirmer.


Forensics Expert Bases Business on Bloodstain Analysis

Anita Zannin wanted a different kind of job, so she started her business in blood three years ago.